Licensing opportunities

The Gadgety Awards spotlight the pinnacle of consumer electronics innovation.

Gadgety Award winners are handpicked by a distinguished panel of four journalists from top-tier tech publications. Experts who are deeply immersed in the world of technology, they have a keen eye for groundbreaking advancements, a pulse on emerging trends and a vision for the future of tech and consumer products.

Gadgety Award Licensing

Your accolade isn’t just a testament to your achievements—it’s an asset. Amplify its value through our tailored licensing program. With our partners at EVGMedia, we’re poised to strategize a bespoke licensing journey that aligns with your PR and marketing aspirations.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Digital websites, newsletters, social media, email signatures
  • Print advertisements, billboards, branded content

Physical Products

  • Product packaging, lobby displays, bus wraps

Spotlighted Satellite Media Tours

  • Product placement in curated broadcast segments. See it in action.
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