Best of Showstoppers @ CES 2024


Transform your Gadgety Award into tangible marketing momentum.

Meet the winners from Showstoppers @ CES 2024:

Aroma Speaker 60

With a library of 60 fundamental scents, the made-to-order Aroma Speaker 60 allows the user to close the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

 Learn more about the Aroma Speaker 60.

Celestron Origin

Celestron Origin brings celestial objects to life on your smart TV, home theater projector, phone, or tablet by utilizing cutting-edge AI-assisted imaging, automated alignment, autonomous sky recognition, and an observatory-class optical design.

Learn more about Celestron Origin

Clicks for iPhone

The Clicks creator keyboard extends the capabilities of iPhone by offering a tactile typing experience, keyboard shortcuts, and new dedicated keys that unlock the full power of iOS.

Learn more about Clicks for iPhone.

Los Angeles Second Generation

Urbanista’s new Los Angeles headphones continuously recharge when exposed to all forms of light, both indoors and outdoors, delivering virtually infinite playtime and redefining the listening experience. 

Learn more about Los Angeles Second Generation by Urbanista.

MicroPixel Printing Platform

VueReal developed a cartridge-based printing process, microSolid Printing, for integration of microdevices into backplanes. This platform enables mass market adoption of microLED displays (TV, smartwatch, smartphone, etc.).

Learn more about VueReal’s MicroPixel Printing Platform.

Nobi Ceiling

Using cutting-edge AI technology to detect and prevent falls at homes and in care facilities, Nobi Ceiling features automated lighting, has a 100% fall detection rate, and immediately alerts caretakers or family members through a mobile app or other means.

Learn more about Nobi Ceiling.


Available for pre-order at this time, Ocutrx’s revolutionary new AR/XR headset was developed for a wide a range of uses: patients with advanced macular degeneration, gamers & developers, surgeons, military personnel, and enterprise customers. 

Learn more about OcuLenz.

Silent Mask

With Skyted’s Silent Mask, users can make telephone calls silently and in complete confidentiality, thanks to its noise absorption technology patented in collaboration with ONERA.

Learn more about Silent Mask by Skyted.


The Soundblade is a powerful under monitor soundbar delivering crystal clear audio and thundering bass. At the heart of the Soundblade’s exceptional 120W peak power audio performance lies its unique acoustic and award-winning driver design.

Learn more about Soundblade.


WAVS is redefining the audio experience with cutting-edge, custom-fit and -designed earphones that seamlessly integrate into each user’s unique lifestyle.

Learn more about WAVS.

Yarbo: 3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Care Robot

Yarbo offers an all-in-one solution for yard upkeep with modules for snow removal, lawn mowing, and leaf blowing. Yarbo, a game-changer in transforming traditional, labor-intensive yard care into an efficient process.

Learn more about Yarbo’s 3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Care Robot.